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HalloweenNames.net is an online database containing fantasy, male and female halloween names, along with lots more features such as the halloween name generator, top 101 halloween names, and halloween name voting.

HalloweenNames.net features...

  • Browse through funny halloween names, halloween party names, or all halloween names page-by-page, and click on the relevant information article to read more about them. You can browse by letter, number, or just view them all.
  • Vote and give each halloween your own personal ranking. One of the aims of this site is to build up rankings of everyone's favorite halloweens. There have already been lots of votes made, and the voting system enables you to see the most, and least popular halloweens out there.
  • Submit halloween names to build the database so that together we can hold a complete list of halloweens to vote on.
  • Use the Halloween Name Generator to create your own halloween name.

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Best Halloween Names

  1. B. Headed B. Headed comments
  2. Fester N. Rot Fester N. Rot comments
  3. Casper Casper comments
  4. Buffy Buffy comments
  5. Fright Night Fright Night comments
  6. Cereal Killer Cereal Killer comments
  7. Iva Rose Iva Rose comments
  8. Cookie Monster Cookie Monster comments
  9. Damian Damian comments
  10. Monster Night Monster Night comments
  11. R.I.P Blood R.I.P Blood comments
  12. Ima Ghost Ima Ghost comments
  13. R.U. Next R.U. Next comments
  14. Blood Thief Blood Thief comments
  15. Rose Rose comments
  16. Hermione Hermione comments
  17. Hells Down Bottoms Up Hells Down Bottoms Up comments
  18. Night of the Living Horrors Night of the Living Horrors comments
  19. From Dusk Till Dawn From Dusk Till Dawn comments
  20. Screamtime Screamtime comments